Ballet birds (from illustrator Yi Pan) dancing to Bronze Whale (@bronzewhale) & Jet Horns (@JonVonLetscher) 🐦 🐀

❀️ LOVE ❀️
Glitchy, snappy summer vibes all over this one, a perfect backyard BBQ banger.

🀘🏼 WHO & WHERE 🀘🏼
Bronze Whale is a production duo from Austin, Texas. Jet Horns (akaΒ Jon Von Letscher) is a singer/songwriter/producer out of Austin, originally from Sweden I believe.

πŸ”₯ CRED πŸ”₯
Bronze Whale has dropped some massive remix efforts, and front ran today's track with the excellent, synth-y Patterns, collecting 300k Spotify followers along the way.

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